Know if your websites are down before your visitors do

Monitor your websites and SSL Certificates without lifting a finger

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Websites and servers aren’t perfect, problems can and do happen.
We watch your websites so you don't have to.

When your website goes offline you lose money and time. It may not be your fault but you have to deal with the fallout

When your customers tell you your site is down:

  • It's an emergency and urgent, you have to drop everything

  • Your customer asks why you didn’t know there was a problem, they want to buy from you or they pay for your service so you should know when problems happen

  • Your credibility is on the line, you heard from them about the problem so you have to go the extra mile to regain their trust

  • Track the reliability of your hosting company, use our data to make smart decisions
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Imagine knowing your website is down before anyone else

Think how good it would be to tell your customers
there's a problem... and you are already on it.
You’ll be their super-hero.

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24 / 7 / 365 Global Monitoring

We monitor your websites from four locations around the globe

North America - East Coast
North America - West Coast
Europe and Asia

Alerts Where You Want Them

Imagine receiving alerts the way you want:

Receive alerts as issues arise via email, Slack, SMS, or directly to your helpdesk (via API or Zapier)

Analytics & Reporting

Get activity reports branded with your logo every day, week or month automatically to your inbox.

See how reliable your web host is and how much downtime you had

Custom Schedules To Suit You

Create your own custom schedules to avoid false positives when you have planned maintenance, downtime or upgrades

SSL Certificate Reminders & Validation

We'll validate your SSL Certificate and send you reminders as it reaches it's expiration

If you use Let's Encrypt or Auto SSL we'll catch those times the auto-renewal fails

Content Checks On Pages You Choose

Enter a list of URL's and the content that should appear on them. We'll tell you if it changes or is missing

Unlike many others, we check your pages after any Javascript has finished rendering additional content

Public Status Page

Optionally give your users and customers piece of mind by being 100% transparent about your uptime.

Point your https://status.domain.tld sub-domain to our servers and brand your page in line with your website.

Test your pages via GET or POST

We know you need to know your forms and api endpoints continue to work

Check responses to GET & POST requests with fully customisable parameters and payloads

Integrate your systems with our alerts

Through the use of webhooks and other integrations you can trigger internal processes when we detect downtime

Automatically create helpdesk tickets, alert your technical support or pull data from our API.

We're in closed beta but will be launching soon

We are looking for additional beta and early access users, interested? Try us out.

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